3D Laser scanner: Part 3 Beam me up Scotty!

The 3D Laser scanner

Finally after a few hours of design time, some failures and even more print time I have the scanner mostly complete. I integrated the whole circuit provided by freelss.... The whole thing now fits in a small box and is powered by a small power brick.

This is the scanner as it stands today.

Thoughts and progress.

Well the scanner is working. The software is not ready for prime time as of yet I feel. Currently the only usable scans I get are in 1.9megapixle video mode. The 5Megapixel settings return garbage. However this being open source I feel the software will mature with time and will become a force to be reckoned with. I feel fortunate to be able to play with something like this for what amounts to a low cost.

This is a sample scan that looks frankly awesome. I am making headway in getting reasonable scans. While it is not 100%, and it needed clean up to do this, the 3d part looks frankly nice as a first step.

The scanner in action.

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Also if you wish to download my design or take it and alter it, head over to youmagine

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