Personal views: I am personally pro gun control. I am also of the firm belief that law abiding citizens should absolutely go through a certification and application process to own a firearm of their choice if they so choose. I personally believe the answer to this mess is educating the masses in gun safety and understanding firearms and responsibilities.

Get off my lawn moment: General population is granted driving privileges to anyone with a pulse. Today's vehicles range between 3000-6000lb. That is a very formidable weapon. No one focuses on educating people in the proper operation of such vehicles. The testing procedure is simply drive straight and park and possibly negotiate a turn. Utterly ridiculous way of handling things.

Grinds my gears: The New York times recently announced that a Federal Judge said posting of plans for 3d printed firearms is illegal. Source for the article over at the NY-Times

Reality check: Judges focusing on 3d files about 3d printing supposedly untraceable weapons that could potentially injure or kill the shooter. This is unexcusable behavior, there are much broader problems than intellectual sharing of files on the internet, the problem with this notion is two fold.
First is the ignorance of such a law and understanding that such a law has nearly no chance of being enforced or do anything constructive. It will have a side effect of popularizing such sharing (see prohibition).
Secondly such a law is consuming tax dollars that are better spent on actually educating the masses on such a notion instead of punishing them. Our government should be seeking out for ways to give society something constructive and not another useless media enticing law.

**Other thoughts: ** I think 3d printers are very useful tools for the select few who have an interest in learning how to design and have a passion to build things. If your like me and like to design and build your own things and want to know what machines I have in my shop. The head to Amazon below. I also have a YouTube channel that I host my videos on.