3d Printed Lathe Gears - Logan 825

Lathe gearing.

As some of you may know who subscribe to my youtube channel I picked up a Logan 825 Lathe from the local craigslist for free in December of 2016. Through 2017 I have managed to build a shop around this lathe. However one of the bad things about this lathe is that it has some broken gears. Or I should say broken teeth on some gears. I decided to 3d print some gears for this lathe and see if they would function for this machine.


I happen to be a novice using Fusion360 software. However I picked up a plugin that I can use to generate gears. There are two things that are important about gears. The first is diametral pitch. The second is Pressure Angle. These get abbreviated to DP & PA. For most Logan lathes it seems the DP is 16 and PA is 14.5, this is pretty standard and I am sure I could order some gears from companies such as boston gear or have someone make me a set in steel, or cast iron or whatever. Armed with this information and the little ~2$ pluggin for fusion360 I was able to generate the gear.

The 3d representation of the gear. Not bad!

The Outcome.

I exported the STL and imported it in CURA 3.1.0 The outcome was OK, however not great. Somehow the dimension translation comes to be about 10% larger than it should be. I should reiterate that it took me 3 tries to get it right. The first time the number of teeth was wrong. Whoops, 25tooth gear vs 30 tooth. Then the issue above came to be. Easy remedy, a quick inspection with the caliper confirmed the dimension was off by about ~10%. SO a 3d print was necesary. Not a bad deal, and not much wasted plastic really. Even though the gears got printed in 100% infill. The fit was awesome as well after this.

The two gears that are scrap, as well as the old gears with broken teeth.

The new gears in place. Original part number for these gears is LA-216 or 18A-30216. As of this writing the gear is 82$.

I also have a youtube video concerning the subject.

HACKADAY featured!


If anyone is interested in 1 or 2 of these gears I would be willing to work out a deal with them. E-mail me, engineerd3d (AT) gmail dot com. :). No bots shall add my address to their crap list. :)

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