3D Printed Selfie


No I’m not a teenage girl who can’t seem to get enough of herself. I figured I could show what someone on a low budget or an enthusiast can get done.

The hardware

Xbox360 Kinect ~25$ from a game shop. Refurb.

The software

  • Reconstructme - Free for enthusiasts noncommercial use.
  • Meshlab - Open source free
  • Netfab Basic - Free limited software, some features locked behind paywall. I use this mainly to check my models.
  • Cura - Free slicer program


  • Reconstructme You use this wonderful piece of software to perform the scan. It then exports a file that can be cleaned up in meshlab or repaired.
  • Netfab Basic I use this to make sure my models are water tight and if not part of the free tools is an option to make files water tight.
  • Cura, well this is a slicing program. Works on most open source 3d printers, probably some not so open 3d printers.

The result

Final thoughts?

Well I am fairly happy with the results, even though my model looks like I have the mumps or a toothache. The reality of the matter is that the whole process took me less than 30minutes to achive while not putting in much effort. I could have done a better job, but this was a proof of concept. Afterall, this is supposed to be simple.

Bruno M.

Engineer, Tinkerer, Technologist, Maker.

New York

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