3D Printed Wifi Antenna and more

3D Printed Wifi Antenna

I was having issues with wifi in my place of residence. Over 30 wifi networks are visible and broadcasting into my apartment. This is driving me insane as I was getting sub megabit connection speeds just 15 feet away from my router. This is a bad situation to be in. Since the 2.4GHZ spectrum is so crowded I needed to do something about it. I ended up purchasing a Linksys Router which does both 5GHZ and 2.4GHZ however my two main devices in the house use 2.4ghz signal. To make matters worse a proper AC 5GHZ capable network card cost as much as a router, add to it the fact that my android stick has 2.4ghz only wifi built in and we are in dire straights. The only device that plays well with 5ghz is my cell phone.

To remedy my situation I added external antennas to my router. I added twin 9db antennas to the router. This brought connection speeds up at the expense of polluting my neighbors. Ah well. However my desktop sucked. I had been making due with a simple aluminum shield on my nic to reduce some of the cross contamination of signals to it and it worked, but looked quite bad. I figured I needed a good biquad antenna. At first I thought I was going to throw one together as I have in the past, using some cardboard, aluminum foil and some copper wire. However I decided against this and used a proper online antenna calculator and designed my own 3d printable antenna. It requires .5mm thick aluminum plate, some cat 5 wire and 5 screws in total.

Here are the results: Pardon the first picture is a bit out of focus.

The performance has exceeded my expectations. During low traffic conditions I get 50-150megabits depending on if I am transferring to my local nas or to the web. During high traffic times when wifi is raging it pumps out 50-100megabits. I am very happy with the results as this makes life more bearable.

Record Player.

I picked up a record player on my recent vacation to Maine. It only cost me 10bux for it but it being manufactured between 1950-1960 it is more than a senior citizen by age. It had some dry rotted bushings that need to be replaced. While I could have made them by hand or scouted online to purchase some. I designed and 3d Printed my own. Check out this beauty.

Here are the download links on youmagine regarding the antenna and the bushings.



Record Player in action

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