3D Printing Functional: Episode 1


  • I figured I would start blogging about 3d printed functional parts. This seems to be the main fighting point with anyone who talks about 3d printers. Everyone talks about what can be 3d printed and become functional besides 3d printer upgrade parts.....
  • For the most part people are right about this. 3D Printed items have limitations, however it’s up to the user to figure out the limitations and work around them.
  • This brings me up to the main subject here. I want to showcase some functional everyday items I 3d printed. These are items I use daily, they function as intended and are awesome to use. Being 3D printed also makes them more valuable to me. The simple reason is summed up in one word…. individualism.

Monoprice 8320 headphone holder.

I 3d printed a monoprice 8320 IEM case so I can keep the cord from tangling as well as organize my own pockets and bag. These happen to be the best IEM's you can get for under 60USD IMHO. They are also very durable, the ones shown here are over two years old....

At the same time I figured I would share the STL's for this holder with the rest of the planet. Feel free to use it, modify it, make money from it. Whatever you wish. I plan on adding more and more to youmagine in the coming months. Giving back to the comunity is a social responsibility. As the old saying goes the only thing that just takes is death, everything else should give and take.....
Monoprice 8320

Music Station.

This one is simple and it keeps me happy in my living room. I used a set of logitech speakers in the back and an old android phone (HTC Thunderbolt) that has been modified to disable the LTE radio and basically just runs two apps, Pandora radio as well as a clock app. It sits in my living room and looks nicer than just an old phone sitting there.

Coffee Tamper

This one I use daily. I love my espresso and like a nice crema on it. The only way to get a good crema is to tampen the coffee properly. Although my machine is valved for proper pressure it will make thicker crema if you tampen it flat. I wanted to buy one on amazon. The prices range from 5USD to 20USD+.... Not something I was willing to wait for. So I downloaded it and printed it in less than 1 hour. It was not printed with resolution in mind as I could care less for a bit of imperfection as long as the base of it is flat and it tampens my coffee properly.

Shaving Cup.

This is a simple shaving cup I downloaded from thingiverse. Mug I 3d printed this and used ABS slurry to seal the inner part of it. It keeps me from wasting hot water, although I live in an apartment and honestly my hot water costs are fixed, it does not matter if I use 100gallons or use 1 pint. Waste not want not as the old saying goes.

Final thoughts.

  • I plan on turning this into a series and show people that yes you can make some functional parts and things. Not just cheap trinkets to amaze yourself. I may do a video of the next few things I 3d Print. The limit is figuring out how to work around the material and the circumstances you have.
  • Happy 3D Printing!

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