3D Printing in the workshop - AXA Tool Organization

Axa Tools

I wanted to be able to organize my AXA tools and also secure them so they do not drop from a shelf due to vibrations or whatever. The problem most times is that when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. I have a 3d printer and it seems like I prefer designing and 3d printing things. With that said, I think a 3d printer has a place in the workshop. The results are much cleaner and also the level of satisfaction is pretty darn high. When you end up designing your own, you eventually realize that designing something does not detract from the making of it.

Make with the pictures already.

I had to upload a picture from this angle. There is something that speaks to me from this angle of the lathe. Looks beautiful to me. Maybe it does for you too?

If you made it this far.

Well as the old addgae goes. If you made it this far. Check out my youtube video on how I designed the tool holders and the thought process as well as some sketchup time-lapse.

Thank you all for looking at this. Please take a chance and subscribe to my YouTube channel. That would be super. :P

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