3D Scanner Build: Part 2 blind lasers....

3D laser scanner. What is it?

A 3d laser scanner simply uses a optical sensor and 1 or 2 lasers set at known angles to create a point cloud of a 3d object.


I absolutely love the idea of freelss. The premise is using a hand full of reprap parts and a bit of electronic skill to create a 3d laser scanner that runs on a raspberry pi. This makes the scanner self-contained, and independent of a desktop/laptop tablet..... etc etc. No pc required, besides a $35 PI.

BOM = Bill of materials.

Raspberry Pi 2 = $35

Pi camera = $25

Tenda W311Mi Wireless N Pico USB 2.0 Adapter = $8.99 (optional)

Pololu A4988 stepper driver =1-10USD

ULN2003A IC = $6.94 for 10 of them.

47uf 35v low ESR electrolytic capacitors = $5.01 for a 50 pack.

16014ZZ size 70 * 110* 13 Ball bearing = $12.26

12v/5v PSU = $3.94

Line Laser x2 = $5.00 each $10.00 total.

Nema 17 $10-$20 USD depending on seller and quality.

Total = $130.14

The table.

I am using the BQ Ciclop table and not the Altlas 3D design. I like the BQ design much more, at least esthetically. The STL files provided by BQ are not very 3d printable. However being this is open source the CAD files are also provided. I removed the manual support material from the prints. It prints much better with slicer generated support. With that said, I do not like the control mechanism nor do I like the use of a PC connected to the scanner. With freelss I can take my scanner with me and scan on site if necessary, if I wish I can also turn this scanner completely portable and integrate a battery pack. The power consumption is minimal. Running linux core also has advantages.

The video

Follow up.

On my next blog entry I will do a step by step configuration of the software as well as put up my own schematic. The only request I have is the ability to control lights with the ULN2003A IC. Two more pins being utilized would be awesome to control some form of lighting via the software.

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