All Metal Hot End, J-Head-FIX

All metal J-Head?

- If your currently searching online you will notice a bunch of shady shops as well as everybody’s auction house seems to advertise All Metal J-Head's in varying prices and quality. - The next thing everybody does is purchase these hot ends and wait the typical 3-5 weeks to get one then tries to print with it and they instantly get a clog, or ruin a print, or worse set their house on fire.

The Real Issues

  • Quality is job number who knows what when these things are shipped. They have metal shavings left in there, although not oily.
  • Not truly all metal as the Teflon tubing inside the heat break is not metal last I checked.
  • Assembled by hand and not even close to being checked for any sort of quality.

Redeeming qualities.

  • The machine work is decent, not exceptional but far above what most of us can produce at home.
  • The price is low. Less than ~20 USD to your door with a thermistor and heater cartridge.

The Fix

  • I will go and say that you should really have the following tools and supplies if you want this thing to perform well.
    • Razor Blade
    • Teflon tubing
    • 2mm or 3mm drill bit depending on filament size.
    • .5mm drill bit or whatever size orifice you ordered.
    • Hand drill of some sort.
    • Patience


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