While browsing amazon I found a whole slew of strange products there, I have been compiling them and keeping a list. I figured I would share this with random people. Its funny and amazing what you can buy from that place. This page is a compilation of the weirdest and funniest things I have found.

  1. DIY Vasectomy Kit

2 - Fart Knocker

3 - Poodle Dog Head Halloween costume funny and creepy

4 - Pimple popping toy (Funny and Nasty at the same time)

5 - Butt Shaped Pillow (Funny and Comfy)

6 - Build your own cabin kit (Cant believe amazon carries this)

7 - The Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump LOL

8 - Fart Filter :))))))

9 - Can of Whoop-Ass ;)

10 - Porn of women of a certain age (gag gift) - I find this strange even for a gag gift.

11 - Car Headlight Fluid (Try not to laugh too hard, I know people who would buy this)

12 - Fake bird poop? Everyone knows someone with an obsessive car cleaning fetish.

13 - World champion dick trophy (lucky 13, there are some deserving people out there)

14 - Emergency 1 time use gas can  - This is a really good idea actually. Keep it in the trunk just in case.

15 - 6 speed fidget toy - this one is after my own heart, i drive a 6 speed manual vehicle and these are getting rarer and rarer in the world.

16 - Oregon Trail Hand Held Game - Awesome nostalgia gift for kids that grew up in the late 80's and early 90's.

17 - Money soap Great idea for that special kinda of stinky person.

18 - Rolex? Yeah they have those as well.

19 - Made by dad blueprints - Being a father that likes to make things, and having a father that is a master craftsman. This book is awesome!

20 - Donald trump pen holder :) - Nothing says America like putting a pen in the behind of the president.

21 - Magnetic Balance Lamp - That is just cool

22 - Female Urination Device - Not sure what to say about this.