Horney Speakers

Horney Speakers?

Well I decided to build myself some horn speakers. I love the design and audiophiles seem to love the quality of a good horn speaker.


Well Audiophiles seem to disagree on just about everything. Being that I don't classify myself as an audiophile, I simply like what I like. A set of speakers for me has to do two things, they have to look presentable/or easily hidden and they have to have clear highs. A horn speaker seems to fit the bill for me.


Well here they are in all their glory. I call these "Klaxon Symphony" and yes I designed these myself. They are designed to be 3d printed. They are designed to the best of my abilities to sound good in the highs (at the expense of low frequency it seems) They do sound natural to my ears, but I’m not an audiophile. Also pardon the quality of the photos. They were quick cell phone pictures.

Time and patience and testing

  • It took me about 2 hours to design the parts. It took over 8 hours to 3d print all the parts for each speaker. It took me 30 minutes to assemble and 1 hour to polish both.

  • Testing has shown that these are not bad sounding speakers. They are not as boomy as my other speakers of similar size using the same drivers. They are also very mellow and soft for vocals. The horn shape I will most likely change as its not really amplifying the sound to my desire. I may go with a longer thinner horn.

  • I definitely need to take better pictures of these.

  • I definitely need to polish them more (May try to do a piano black finish)

Further thoughts?

Drop me a line if you like this design.

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