Modicum V1 Open Source

Yes open Sourced.

After posting my videos on the modicum extruder I got some requests to purchase these. However finding the hardware and ordering in bulk has taken over a month. And this was only for 10 extruders as I wanted to do a batch.

With that being said I decided to open source the design as many requested I do so. At this point why the heck not.

Here is the extruder download link on youmagine. It has also been featured, 2 in a row now Modicum V1

This is the BOM.

These are the links to the hard to find parts. For the hardware you can adapt standard or metric. Up to you. But the rest are links to hard to find parts.

40T Pulley

64T Timing Belt

Drill Rod

5mm Collar

Push Fittings

Assembly Video.

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