New Project - CNC ROUTER


I have not named this project yet. However that does not matter. I have basically gone as far as I can with my current 3d printer. It is working very well and delivers excellent prints. Even after sitting in a unheated attic for most of the winter it has not shown any issues, it fired up first hit and except for ripping off the sd card slot during the move it worked first try. I was able to replace the sd card slot and all is right with the world.

The plan...

Well I would like to build my own CNC router. Something I can use to possibly carve aluminum and build metal parts for my current printer and future printers. (I have grand plans for my workshop)

In either case here is the plan.

Nema 23 motors spun by DRV8825 drivers.
Large steel frame
Home built linear bearings.
GRBL compatible controller.
Universal GCODE sender running on a PI
For size I am toying around with ~1000mm x 600mm x 300mm.... The last one may be way overboard.

The design.

Well I am still working on the design. However it will use a combination of 1inch square cold drawn tube and 1 1/4 inch square cold drawn tube.

Hording of parts.

I purchased the following already with a huge list of to do's and purchase left to do. This is going to take months.

Left to buy.

I have a bunch of stuff left to buy.

  • 1inch tubing (unknown quantity)
  • 1 1/4 inch tubing (unknown quantity)
  • Lead screws. (There will be a blog post about these)
  • Nema 23 motors.
  • Aircraft 5 pin plugs. (I am planning on having the unit become modular, easy to repair and upgrade)
  • Bearings. (A large amount of roller-skate bearings will be necessary or maybe even flanged bearings) ~50 of them to have enough spares.
  • A drill press to well drill holes.
  • Shielded wire for the steppers.
  • Buck converter (planning on using a laptop brick to power the machine, but step the voltage up to ~36v running)
  • Raspberry pi/2/3 whatever. I may use my raspberry pi zero.
  • Preliminary spindle. ~300-400w generic Chinese.
  • RC motor and associated electronics to convert to a spindle with ER13 chuck.
  • Misc. fasteners. And god know what else pops into my head.

Until next time. Ciao.

Bruno M.

Engineer, Tinkerer, Technologist, Maker.

New York

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