OctoPi-Zero Part 1

The Hardware

I decided to build my very own OctoPi Server. With that said nothing in my life is simple. I wanted all the features I could get, while using a Pi Zero.

Here is a rundown of the parts.

1 - Pi Zero $5.50
2 - USB Hub with Ethernet $3.66
3 - Wi-Fi USB dongle $2.56
4 - HDMI Converter $1.52 (bought a 5 pack)
5 - Micro SD card 16G $5.50
6 - Generic relay board $1.26
7 - DC-DC Buck converter $0.99
8 - Kodak Camera $7.95

The Contest...

While not really a contest. I wanted to give back to my viewing audience. All you have to do is hopefully subscribe to my channel and comment on my video with something funny and witty. I will read every comment and whichever one sticks to my mind more is the one that will win the whole thing. I hope to send out a finished product with instructions on how to wire it in and configure it for just about any printer out there.

Here is my video on the subject.

The links to the parts.

1 - Pi Zero - Pi-Zero
2 - USB Hub with Ethernet $3.66 USB+Ethernet
3 - Wi-Fi USB dongle wifi
4 - HDMI Converter (I bought a 5 pack from amazon so it cost more here is a better price) Mini HDMI to HDMI
5 - Micro SD card 16G Micro SD
6 - Generic relay board Relay
7 - DC-DC Buck converter DC-DC Converter
8 - Kodak Camera Kodak S101


If you have any questions or comments, or want to make suggestions please drop me a line at engineerd3d@gmail.com

Thank you.

Bruno M.

Engineer, Tinkerer, Technologist, Maker.

New York

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