Rostock Build Part: 1 - starting.

I started my Rostock build with the following parts.

1 - Mega 2560 R3
2 - 1pcs RAMPS 1.4 Controller
3 - 5pcs A4988 Stepper Driver Module for RAMPS 1.4

Here is a Store Picture. Delivered Exactly as advertised.

The next part I purchased was a set of 3d printed parts, which were only available in PLA as I would have preferred abs. No matter I will print my own. The parts came from everyone’s favorite auction site.

The next thing over was the motors. Nema17's also from the auction site. Used but they look and feel new. Time will tell on their quality. They do have the required 5mm shafts and the 1.8 degree per step.

Next came the bed, I made the mistake of paying extra for pre soldered wires. I have to redo that part. Not worth it.

Next Came the bearings. 12 of them, although I only need 6 I figured for the price it was nice to have spares. I Have to say for the price the quality is top notch.

The End Stops have not arrived yet. So they are hovering somewhere in some country. They come from china.

Next Up was the smooth rod. 8mm by 36inches.... Yes that is both metric and imperial. Overall not very impressed, especially considering the price for 6 of these monsters.

I ended up buying 10 ABEC-5 608-ZZ ball bearings. These things usually get used on roller-skate wheels. I have to say the shipping was fast, the quality... eh they work. ..nothing to write home about.

Next up is the belt. This has not yet arrived, but I do know its 6mm wide and 10M in length. Should be enough for my needs. Hopefully its not made of recycled rubber bands.

Next up are the GT2 pulleys. These have not yet arrived. However the pics make them look nice.

As most of you noticed the plastic kit I bought included the extruder parts. One of the 10 roller-skate bearings belongs in there. Here is the second thing that belongs. The hobbled drive gear for the extruder.

J-Head. Please give me some head. This is a Chinese clone. But it was cheap and includes the heating cartridge. Has not yet arrived. So we will see how it is when I get it.

If you want to see the Price list here it is. That is including shipping. I will try to update the price list as I update the blog.

arduino + ramps + LCD $49.95

3D Printed ABS Parts $70

Motors 5x Nema17 $49.99

Print Bed (Pre Soldered) $14.68

12 Chinese Bearings (LM8UU) $7

Mechanical End Stop (With Wires) $12.4

Smooth ROD 8mm x 36' $73.49

Ball Bearings x 10 (608-ZZ) $5.38

GT2 Belt $18.55

GT2 Pulleys $17.4

Extruder Gear $7.49

Print Head $28.14

Wood - This is from Home Depot. $16

Misc Hardware $20 Home Depot + scrounging up

1kg ABS Plastic $22.99

100K ThermoCouple x5 $5.8

xt60 Plugs x5Pairs $5.3

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