Rostock Build Part: 3 - Sturdy

I finally got the extruded aluminum rails cut to length and mounted. The frame now is very sturdy, no side deflection. 29 3/4 inch is the surface to top. I am trying to optimize the length of the printer and trying to utilize the rods as much as possible.

Here is the result.

FYI: the extruded aluminum came from old windows that were being sent out to the recyclers. Thank you dad.

Need to pick up 11 more 3/8th's nuts to complete the tensioning of the rods.

The feet are the 5/16th rods that tie the chassis down to the extruded aluminum rails in compression. I added some locking nuts as temporary feet. I will be using acorn nuts as feet at a later time.

The famous delta radius. The arms for the "Spider" are the standard 250mm from bolt to bolt. The only nice thing about using wood as a platform is that you can write on it with a pencil. The rod length should be close to 335mm instead. I plan on remedying this at some point before starting calibration.

The drawing I made by boring a 6-32 hole on the back of a pencil and dragging the arms to their max position. Looks almost like a rotary engine....

The spider mounted.

Another point to remedy are the top bearings. I knew 2 bearings was too much and had a hunch the belt would have some side to side movement with one as well. This confirmed it. I have to figure out a way to remedy this issue as well.

As it sits now. Not a bad way to end an evening I would say.

This is the deltabot calculator I am using at this point. Hopefully it will help others as well.

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