Rostock Build Part: 4 - Failure is always an option.

Well to put it bluntly I fried something. Its either the arduino board or the ramps board. The first thing first is that the unit no longer boots up. I was using some old marlin code as a starting point as I don't want to deal with auto leveling just yet.

The story goes like this. I received two packages in the mail. One was my fully assembled hot end for 1.75mm line and .4mm orifice with the thermistor and resistor wired in. I then proceeded to try and install the end stops. They are pre wired and say makerbot on them, however they do seem wired for the ramps 1.4 board.

These are the little bastards.

I used some double sided tape to stick them to the towers.

I then tried to home the printer, and it would not.... So I then modified the software and it would still not home.

Next comes the idiocy that is delaying the project for at least two weeks, and cost me another $50bux.... I thought they are just switches, maybe they are wired wrong... So I flipped them backwards. The printer would not home... So I triggered the switches by hand and the arduino and lcd rebooted itself or at least flickered. The end result? A lcd that glows blue, but no longer shows anything. Nothing is responding, not even the annoying little buzzer.

I threw in the towel for the evening and went to bed at 2AM pissed off. In the morning I booted the unit and surprise? Its still dead.

The end result is I ordered another arduino mega 2560 R3 + ramps + drivers + lcd and will be waiting patiently for delivery from mainland china. The old unit I will try to resurrect at some point, however I don’t have high hopes, if anything it serves as spare parts or simply as a reminder that even best laid plans are prone to failure.

Here is a wiring diagram or two that are shamelessly copied.

Ignore the two diagrams above. They have been outdated due to the fact that I am using a v1.4Ramps board.

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