Rostock Build Part: 5 End Stops conundrum.

I needed to figure out a way to have adjustable end stops on the printer. Initially I figured I would use double sided tape and tape the end stops to the alu extrusions. However this is not ideal. The second option is to fashion a mount for the end stops to ride on the rail.

The issue with all of this is broken in two parts.

1 - Space, I don’t want to loose any height on the printer. The idea is simply to optimize my dimension and use as much of the space as possible. I have lost by my estimates around 40mm worth of rod by threading the rods.

2 - Keeping as many parts out of the printer. The reasoning for this is best explained by saying that heat sensitive parts should be kept out of the build chamber.

Mind you the original rostock design has the end stops fastened inside the build chamber. This is the design I have in mind. Yes it ads complexity, however for the price of 3 pen springs it can work properly as well as give me the desired adjustability.

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