Version 1

I built my first tumbler using a surplus 120x38mm dell CPU cooling fan that was too loud for workstation usage. As a matter of fact this is the Mini Tumbler below. Make no mistake about it, this thing works, and it works well. Below you see the image of it with home milled wallnut media. I also crushed my own glass which has proven far better for removing rust. The downside to using glass to remove rust is that there is a very real danger of silicosis and it is a pain in the butt to mill your own. I ended up crushing it with a pipe in fairly coarse fashion and using it this way.

I also made a video about the simple construction of the unit above. And here she is.

Version 2

I decided to build a second version, which involved me buying two more fans and two more containers. With all of this said, the whole shebang above cost me nearly nothing, ~2$ for the container. The rest I 3d printed and had on hand. Version 2 cost me ~4$ for two more containers, and $9 for two more fans, and about 12$ for timer relay circuits.

The triplets.

The Video. Go on and watch its build.

This is the relay circuit manual copied from e-bay. Its more for a reference for myself in the future than it is for now. I have set the timers in P1 mode, which means minutes. At this point I have also set all 3 of the tumblers to 30 minutes.

So this is the Manual copied from e-bay......

Timing range: 0-999s,0-999m,0-999h
Power supply voltage: DC12V
Relay: 20A
Working current: 10A(maximum)
Power: 1500W (maximum)
Size: 79 x 26 x 43mm/2.99" x 1.02" x 1.69"
Hole size: 72 x 40mm/2.83" x 1.57"

Instruction Manual:
1.After setting the data, you must wait 6 seconds,6s post modules automatically save memory set data.
2.Press SET key once to enter the time setting mode,the red LED flashes, press the key to increase or decrease the setting time T1.
3.After setting time T1,short press the SET key again, the green LED flashes,and the time is set by pressing the key Time T2, T2 time setting is completed,press SET key again, the system will automatically save the memory setting time or wait for 6s, 6s module will automatically save the data memory.
4.Long press SET,enter parameter setting mode.There are two sets of parameters for the user to select P0, P1.Short press SET in the current mode to switch between P0 and P1.
5.In P0 parameter can be set by pressing the key to adjust their own timing mode.In the P1 parameter can be set by adding and subtracting keys work mode.
P0--0:T1 Timing mode is second.
P0-1: T1 timing mode is minutes.
P0--2:T1 Timing Time mode is hour.
P1--0:Delay T1 time,relay pull(T1 timer)
P1--1:Relay release after T1 time delay (T1 timer)
P1--2:Delay T1 time,relay pull(T1 timer),and then relay release after T2 time delay(T2 timing),then it is finished.
P1--3:Relay release after T1 time delay(T1 timer),then delay T2 time,relay pull(T2 timing),then it is finished.
P1--4:Delay T1 time,relay pull(T1 timer),and then relay release after T2 time delay(T2 timer),cycling.
P1--5: Relay release after T1 time delay(T1 timer),then delay T2 time,relay pull(T2 timer),cycling.

While I was at it, I also copied the wiring diagram picture in case someone else needs it.