TUKI 13: Blasting OFF

Extruder hello

My PLA printed extruder started to warp and generally softened after an hour or so of printing. So I downloaded airtrippers bowden extruder from ThingiVerse.com. And printed it in white ABS. I have to say its better and has less flexing, however it does not eliminate it. I am going to either download another design, or design my own.

Heated chamber.

Well I ordered the parts I need for the heated chamber. Namely the heater as well as a 12v pid controller with thermocoupler. I think the chamber temp will probably be in the 50-60c range. I will have to experiment with that. In the mean time I have to build carriages and the tray from ABS. Or probably metal. I do not like the harmonics metal will introduce to the printer, however I do not think I have much of a choice.

3D Printed parts so far.

This printer is providing replacement and one of parts for itself. Not a bad way to go on non thermally sensitive parts.

The case I designed for the arduino, it covers the arduino and creates a box for it that is actively cooled by a 80mm fan as well as the psu fan sucking the air out.

I also needed a fan grill for the printer to prevent the wires from touching it. So I did what a sensible person would do, I spend way too long designing one in sketchup and then sliced it with slow print speeds to get some good accuracy and printed it. All in all 3 hours... for a fan grill. :) Although I am proud of it. The text did not come out as nice as I had hoped, however that’s a slice setting, and I was not willing to sit there for another hour for a part that will rarely be seen. It was more to test out my ABS version of the airtripper extruder that gave me so much grief. So far its doing just fine. However a geared extruder is in the works.

Until next time. Ciao

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