TUKI Build Part: 9 - Table TIME!!!

The heated bed.

I am planning on putting a heated bed as mentioned in the previous updates. I have plenty of the cork liner left and by chance it seems to be the same thickness as the PCB heated bed. I had to re-solder the connections on the PCB heated bed so the protrusions are only on one side. The PCB itself is not as big as I really wish it to be, however I think the glass I am planning on putting on it will work as a heat spreader if I insulate the edges of it.

I decided to insulate the bottom of the bed with cork. The liner has some very decent adhesive and I suspect its bond will hold up just fine with the way of mounting I plan on implementing. Here is yet another M$ paint sketch.


The insulation put on. As well as carving to allow for wires and thermal probe.

Thermal probe sticking up. It has enough spring in it from the tape and cork so when I put thermal paste on the bed it should make some decent contact.

The bed temporarily lying on the cork. I have not yet fabricated the side insulation or the mount points. I have re-soldered the wires as well as added some heat shrink and braided tube left over from the ill ATX PSU conversion to pretty it up a bit. The PSU ended in the parts bin, and I have been cannibalizing parts from it since.

The thermal probe connector. You can't read it from the flash as my camera has really bad light compensation forcing me to use flash, however I have been heat shrinking some paper with labels on the wires I solder as I go along. It makes it easier to troubleshoot issues if and when they do arise.

The temporary glass on the bed. This is a 10inch glass mirror, however I really need something in the 14inch size. I am still trying to find a source. I am not looking for glass that is particularly thick either.

From the top of the printer. This is a MK2B heated bed. For anyone purchasing these, save your money and purchase one with no wires. The solder job on this thing is quite stupidly done. In the manner it comes soldered you cannot use the whole surface. I suggest you buy one with no wires as it is cheaper and you can probably do a better job yourself.

The only thing I can say at this point is that I need to purchase a mirror to complete the bed mount. I will not be utilizing the holes in the bed as they will cause the glass to not stay flat.

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