TUKI Build Part11: J-Head & printing.

The J-head

I purchased a J-Head for my printer. I am unsure what version it is, however the quality seems to be fair. The only downside is that the fitting at the end does not lend itself to putting on a 4mm tube fitting that has an ID of 2mm. Fair enough I feel this is fine, however the thermally resistive plastic used conducts heat, and since I am using ABS I do not wish to actively cool the head. This lead to the PLA original parts warping and letting the fitting slip. This caused a failed print after the first layer.

The rebuild.

I rebuild the J-Head holder out of aluminum sheet I had laying around as scraps and a new c-clip out of some tough alu I cut out of an old piece of equipment that I keep just for this kind of scenario. The new parts act as a heat sink as well.

Here it is. I sandwiched two plates together to get the proper rigidity. The alu was painted so I did not bother stripping the paint off. I filed the holes smooth and deburred the edges with a file. I left an oval hole for the hot end power wires.

Another shot with the manufactured C-Clip.

Here it is assembled. The metal acts as a spring under tension as well. Once mounted the plate was flat.

The sample prints.

  • From the left we see a 10x10x10mm cube. The dimensions were not bad, +-.3mm. This was with no tuning and me futsing around in slicer.

  • Middle is the 20mmx20mmx20mm Cube. It’s not bad; however its tolerance is off about .8mm in one direction.

  • The far right is a 30mm diameter x 10mm high cylinder, this was a disaster, however I believe my pulleys are slipping. I will mark the pulleys and try this again. IF it proves that the pulleys are slipping I will grind a key on the shafts of the motors.

I have to tune this thing at this point, however so far it is doing very well. This is ABS plastic and I am using nail polish I borrowed from the wife as an adhesive.

The video of the first print.

Happy Printing
- Bruno

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