TUKI Build Part:8 - Put a cork in it.

The cork in the hole.

When I was planning my printer I wanted a heated bed. I am going to be using ABS material as I feel it is appropriate to use, and that nearly mandates a heated bed.

I wanted to insulate the wood and give it a reflective surface at the same time to help radiate the heat back towards the heated bed and chamber. DUCT aluminum tape came to the rescue. This stuff feels more like Kapton tape however. Maybe I made a mistake, maybe not. In either case I bought and applied it to the soon to be hot areas of the build.

This is the bed mostly covered in reflective tape. I went ahead and drilled the hole for the bed wires on the side, but for the moment the hole is covered by the cork and the tape. I will pierce those two layers in a cross fashion when I decide to fasten the bed and run the wires.

Not a bad job and all the layers mean better insulation for the wood below.

Next I bought some cork liner from Home depot. I quickly cut it to shape. Here is the irregular shape of the cork. It is not more than 1/8th thick. However cork is a good insulator, and does not burn like wood does. It’s been used to seal almost everything mechanical in the last 100 years, including cylinder heads.

The stuff I bought. Have plenty to spare for the rest of the project. It cost me about 12bux with taxes. The dimensions are 48inch X 18inch. It has its own adhesive backing which was surprisingly very good.

Then I cut it to shape.

And mounted.....

So far it makes the printer look better. I plan on putting two more layers of cork under the heated bed once I get to mounting it, for now I’m happy in how this turned out.

For someone living in the states that wants to see the product. Here is a link to the product.

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