TUKI Printer: Printing!

The Prints.

I decided to tighten some pulley bolts and try this again. It worked fine. I have to figure out the cooling on the RAMPS/ARDUINO before I get larger parts. The longest print so far has been 30 minutes with a small fan blowing on the arduino/ramps combo.

Here is some video.

The Pictures.

I downloaded this from http://www.thingiverse.com/. I figured I would print something for my buddy dean. This is the product after a small cleanup. Its by no means perfect, however it does look nice.

Useful print.

I designed a spool holder for the ABS spool. I gave it about 1mm of free space between the spool and the holder. However the bearing I measured and left .5mm space for compression fit. It seems that my printer has a +- .2mm tolerance. I am very happy with the outcome. I will be printing some good parts with this printer soon enough. The bearing was a tight fit but it was an interference fit non the less. Awesome outcome by any account.

As you can see I am quite proud of this print. Very little cleanup was necessary. This made me very happy. My first nearly flawless print as well as my first designed part. Not bad!

Keeping filament clean.

I know this filament was fairly cheap compared to what it sells for. I paid about 21bux for it. I also have been able to gather that white filament is the easiest to print with. Not sure why that is however it seems to work quite well.

This is how I am wiping the filament. One paper towel folded multiple times and one cable holder I scavenged from old pc builds. It seems to both guide the filament and clean it. Not a bad solution. I may design one and print it with a hinge.

Here is the entire printer. I have not put many pictures of the complete unit so I figured I may as well snap one.

Up next?

If I find the time I will be hitting the hardware store for some threaded rod and rebuild the spool holder, I think I may design some sort of friction device that keeps the spool from unwinding. I also want to print out some pulleys for the top of the printer. However before I do any of this I have to grind a key way in the shafts and get some thread lock.

The ABS goop.

I like the ABS goop very much, however I have to figure out a way to spread it evenly with minimal fuss. Maybe thin it down more and brush it on? Or maybe a spray? I will figure out this part soon enough.


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