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I went through a renovation this year. Unfortunately there was no room to keep the servers up and running so I had to shutter everything else in my life. This includes my 3d printer (sitting in my dusty nasty basement) and my servers.

DD-WRT & Tomato

Well I picked up a Tenda AC15 router, figuring I was going to keep it factory. Once I brought it home and realized this thing had no options at all. I flashed it to Tomato firmware..... I figured I was going to use my TP-Link WR814N as a bridge, once I tried to configure it as a bridge I caused more interference than you can shake a stick at. This put me in a predicament, I then figured I would flash it to openwrt, then I realized what a pain in the ass openwrt is, then I bricked the darn thing trying to flash it back. This brought me to TFTP server setup and gave me good dexterity as I was holding down multiple buttons. Once flashed back to factory original I set to flash DDWRT (Hello old friend) and this worked nicely.

Why a bridge?

I renovated my home, I am not about to pass cat5 through the floor nor am I willing to run it through my walls. This is 2016, everything is wireless. Well this is easier said than done. Configuration is a breeze, getting a configuration that meets all my needs? That is another matter. For now im ok with it, I will be making tweaks one at a time to get my network to meet my needs. The blog is back up however and that is a nice thing. Lookout for future articles, looking at doing things with raspberry pi’s.


Well the future is unknown at this point. I no longer have a workshop, where my workshop was I now have a master bedroom. The workshop will soon become the basement, the upside to this is that it will be an order of magnitude bigger than my old workshop. The down side is that as of now I don't have the money or the time to build it out. It needs everything put in, from floors to walls and it will be done on a budget. I have some ideas that I won’t disclose, they may change with time.

Until next time guys. Ciao

-Bruno M.

Bruno M.

Engineer, Tinkerer, Technologist, Maker.

New York

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